Time to try the new Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe on George St, in The Rocks, after a night of shopping.

It didn’t start out well – the doors slipped closed when we were about to enter, and the doors locked from the inside, causing Bev to lose the final straw after a frustrating day, and nearly break the doors trying to get in. In hindsight, I like to think it was a sign from abut trying to prevent us from entering.

Famous seahorse!

Nice decor.

Mmmmm …

Good range of chocolate, but nothing really unique.

Desserts! Note the price is take-away – add an extra $4 – $5 to have these at the table.

We were quite stunned at how pricey it all was. The prices in the window looked OK, but when we compared them to the menu and saw the price hike, we shied away from the expensive desserts on principle. Compared to the Lindt Cafe, which is a higher quality grade chocolate, they were even more expensive, and didn’t taste anywhere near as good. Very disappointing!

Cranky Bev – with very good reason!

My classic shake – good, but not spectacular (about $7)

Hot chocolate (about $7)

Going for the money shot all at once.

Peanut and chocolate cookie – quite try and bland and cost about $3.

Chocolate cookie – same again.

Bev ordered a croissant and chocolate dips – about $7.

One chocolate was liquidy and tasty, the other like a bowl of solid chocolate.


Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
The Rocks,
91 George St

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