This Christmas was the first in my life where I haven’t sat down for a traditional Christmas dinner at the Warwick Farm house. It felt a bit odd, but was fun to try something new!

Alec and I stayed over Christmas Eve and woke up in the morning to puppy slurps.

Kahlua presents her belly to the Christmas tree.
I spy presents!
Lil Buffers, so cute.
Alec and the mini spend quality Christmas time together.
Kahlua in a strangle-hold.
My dad is mighty pleased with his loot.
As am I! Woot!
My mum gave Alec the same book we gave her. Whoops.
Kahlua baby wants more hugs.
Christmas slurps for dad.
Then it was off to Stockton Beach for Christmas lunch by the water. It was lovely – except for the cold wind coming in.
Huddled round the table.
Amy was happy to see us.
Merry Christmas!

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