After meeting our broker we stopped off at the New Boulevarde Hotel, Strathfield, as we were starving and it was the only place we saw open on the way to the station late at night.

It had a very unassuming front – some unkind people might say “run down”, but when we went inside it smelled amazing and had a reasonably priced menu with items to suit us both.

Scary-looking facade – housing tasty food!

Very old-school pub dining room.

Garlic bread – yum!

Bruschetta – perfect tasting mix, just a little too much oil.

Penne pasta with napolitana sauce – my favourite!

Alec hoes into his giant steak.

Perfectly cooked and very tasty from what Alec says.

The food was also extremely reasonably priced – highly recommend if you are passing through Strathfield. The pub is at the Boulevard crossing – I couldn’t find the address!

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