LCC is out staple pizza delivery place in Artarmon. I always order the same thing – bocconcini, tomato and basil, but it’s such a winning combination I never have the urge to order anything else.

The store front – it’s super tiny.

Delectable menu.

Matt hangs out.

The elder Cooper brother looks mightily red here.

Waiting in the cold. It would be awesome if LCC invested in some outdoor heaters in winter.

Our stack of delicious pizza ready to be inhaled.

Alec praises the lord that his pizza is here at last.

Alec ordered a Mediterranean pizza this time – not a touch on the usual but still good.

Matt models his b’day present from Aya.

Alec is so hungry he eats where he stands.

Trying to mute me with the Wii.

Post pizza carb overload.

Working off the pizza with Wii bowling.

And Wii baseball.

I was just taking photos here to see what faces Alec was pulling. He never disappoints.

Pulling a face of my own with Aya.

With Aya and her new flatmate Marianne.

Home time! Good bye!

LCC Gourmet Pizza
Shop 4, 1 Wilkes Ave
Artarmon NSW 2064
Phone: 02 9412 4411

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