Beverly and I were doing a spot of, ahem, shopping today at Peter Alexander on George St when we decided to pop in next door to The Cupcake Factory to give them a taste test. We both consider ourselves cupcake connoisseurs, so it takes some seriously delicious cupcakes to satisfy our cravings for her perfect nom-ing treat.

The Cupcake Factory has a lovely display filled with many interesting flavours – not as many kinds as BabyCakes, but they make up for it with excellent quality.

Cost-wise, it is $3.50 per huge cupcake, which may seem pricey but is very comparable to other cupcake stores and is cheaper than BabyCakes. BabyCakes may have the cute factor, but I do believe The Cupcake Factory wins for awesome tasting cupcakes.

I bought one to try – the vanilla with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles below. I also bought a sticky date with caramel topping for Alec – it was 50 cents extra for the cute little box.

Pretty store – love the striped decor.


Close-up of the crazy blue cake.


About to get totally sugared out.

Store front.

My vanilla with chocolate buttercream cupcake. I can’t rate it highly enough. The buttercream was deliciously sweet – not too sugary! A good sign is how light and fluffy it is. The actual cake was delicious. Very vanilla-y and soft, but not too spongey. Perfect texture – slightly crumbly, with a crunchy outside.

Bliss! Check The Cupcake Factory out:

320B George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000

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