I love traditional Italian food and have been wanting to try Machiavelli for quite a while. It’s on Clarence Street, Sydney, and I walk past it at least once a week.

Machiavelli is underground, which makes for an old-fashioned Italian tavern feeling. The restaurant is well-known for being the place to be seen if you’re a high-flying power-broker, and there are huge pictures on the walls of their patrons.

Tomato and mozzarella salad .. completely divine.

Anti-pasto platter. Our eyes were biger than our bellies.

My pesto and pine nut pasta. Completely delicious and massive.

Served with coffee.

Dessert – flambe strawberries and vanilla bean ice-cream.

While some of my dining friends may have thought it was pretty “old school” I absolutely loved the food and the service. I love old world dining and delicious hearty food, so it was complete bliss for me.

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