One of the things I love about my job is getting to eat at restaurants that otherwise I would never be able to.

We took some clients to Rockpool this week. I’ve heard amazing reviews but since it’s a seafood restaurant have never though of going myself.

Lucky for me, I was given the chance to try it out and see how they handle a fussy vege like me.

The entrance to Rockpool is very unassuming. Located at the The Rocks end of George Street it fits right in with low-key cafes and pubs. Even once you enter, the decor is very understated.

Vegetarian-wise, there were three options from the appetiser menu but only one from the mains, so I tried a dish I otherwise probably wouldn’t have.

Bread to start – crusty, fresh, hot bread.

Four tastes of the sea. I love the presentation. The presentation of all of our dishes was amazing, as was the service.

My goats cheese tortellini with raisins and pine nuts. Delicious! I just wish there had been more!

Tuna, snapper and leatherjacket sashimi with fresh wasabi, sushi rice, ginger and soy dressing.

Dishing out of my baby vegetable tagine and stuffed date. It was delicious, but slightly too spicy for me.

Potato gratin. So very tasty I could have eaten it all on my own.

Leaf salad with palm sugar vinaigrette. Delicious!

Date tart (original since 1984).

Chocolate rice crackle cake – delicious! The presentation, the fluttery gold leaf decorations, the explosion of chocolate mousse and caramel … ahhhhhh!

“Strawberries and cream” with rosé jelly. It gave me food envy.

Food porn shot!

Petits fours. Made on the premise. Jaffa balls and orange marshmallow pillows with salted caramels. OMG … my stomach was fit to bursting by now.

Super cute little coffee.

Such an amazing meal and service. I can see why Rockpool has such an outstanding reputation.

107 George St
Sydney, NSW
(02) 9252 1888

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