I saw a review for this little restaurant on the very excellent Grab Your Fork blog, which is also where I have sourced the pic below as the owner didn’t appreciate me taking pics!

Umaimon Japanese Restaurant is right near my work, but I’ve never noticed it before as it is quite tucked away.

My friend Isis agreed to try this little place out with me. We sat down outside so as to enjoy the balmy evening air, and were presented with three menus to peruse. Lots of choices, all in Japanese with brief, and somewhat interesting, descriptions.

We ordered edamame for appetiser to shade (about $4 for a bowl), and I ordered the stir fry energy vegetables ($8.90) plus steamed rice ($2.90 a bowl). Isis ordered chicken and tofu salad. Our food arrived quickly, in no particular order, and was delightfully fresh and perfectly cooked.

My energy vegetables had a bit of a punch to them – perhaps a lot of ginger in there? – and had lots of bean sprouts, which I just love.

Tofu salad
Isis’s chicken

Cute little bowl of rice

Stir fried energy vegetables.

The food was extremely reasonably priced and delicious. It was also packed with Japanese people, so I’m guessing it’s also a hit with the locals, which is another sign that it’s an authentic place to get very tasty Japanese cuisine.

Shop 5, 51 Druitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9283 0606

Monday to Friday 11am-10pm
Saturdays and public holidays 12pm-10pm

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