I love a good action movie, particularly when it is based on a Marvel superhero. I had never heard of Iron Man before, but after hearing some early rave reviews I was more than keen to see the movie.

Robert Downey Jr stars in the main role of Tony Stark, a brilliant rich play boy who uses his amazing mind to create weapons for the USA to use for “homeland security” if you get my drift. He is captured by a group of terrorists who want him to build weapons for them. Stark builds a robot to escape instead, and is motivated by the experience to turn his life around and save people rather than building weapons.

I just realised writing this how bad the plot sounds, but I really enjoyed the movie. I found it exciting, smart and funny. Robert Downey Jr is an actor who has shown a lot of talent over the years – when he hasn’t been on drugs or in rehab. It’s a shame that he’s been so screwed up as this movie shows what a great actor he really is.

After the movie we went to Mr Wong’s Kitchen. I absolutely love this place and its cheap delicious food.

Tonight however the service was really slow and the spring rolls weren’t fabulous. The vege fried rice and mixed veges were delicious however, so the meal was redeemed and I will be back for more.

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