This was a work lunch with some fave clients. I was a bit concerned at first because it’s a seafood restaurant, but it turned out to have the most amazing vegetarian food. It was my first true vege outing and it was great to see not only that the food was delicious, but everyone was looking at my food with envy and wanting to eat it instead of theirs. Woo! Yay veges!

We give our sign of approval.

Tomato and almond gazpacho (I thought the waiter was saying gestapo. I had to Google it.).

Woodside Goats Curd Tuile with Borage & Cucumber Dressing. Soooo tasty.

Some kind of tomato salad with amazing feta. Best balsamic dressing ever.

Potato Gnocchi with Broad Beans, Asparagus & Lemon. Yuuummmm. By this time I was stuffed but kept going.

Hand Cut Chips, Fennel & Lemon Salt. I asked for tomato sauce, which surprised the staff. I guess it’s not the done thing in a posh restaurant.

Rockmelon Sorbet, Jasmine Petal Mousse & Citrus Israeli Cous Cous. My favourite flavour sorbet. Delightful!

By the end of lunch my stomach was so huge it was poking out of my dress. I am such a piggy.

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  1. Holy crap…you know I can’t resist good food porn!! I want everything here and I want it twice. Especially the goats curd, feta salad, the OMG potato gnocchi and hand cut chips!

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