Bev, Lise and I spend an awesome day at Paddington markets, Bite Me and Szechwan Gardens. Thanks girls!
Who says she can’t eat a foot-long hot dog?

Mini Vege burgers.

In! In!

Topless burger.

Vroom vroom!

What? All gone?

The free ice-cream Bev received for eating the whole hot dog.

Cupcake hat?


Shower cap as fashion item.

The cupcake looked amazing but didn’t taste as good. It was missing something I couldn’t quite identify.

Matching sunnies are cool. 

The boys joined us for dinner at Szechwan Gardens in St Leonards. 

The “eight precious vegetables” dish was mine – totally delicious.

My deep and meaningful fortune cookie message.

Fresh-as-a-daisy fried ice-cream.

Fried ice-cream porn shot.

Banana fritter.

My new earrings. The extreme close-up isn’t very flattering.

My pretty bag in “ballet pink” and awesome lipgloss. It’s non-sticky and moisturising, with a touch of colour. Bev bargained the bag lady down from $79 and $75 per bag to $140 for two. Way to go!

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