Adventure, baby!


Shopping in Japan

I did go completely nuts. Here are a few things I brought home …

Tokidoki range from the Sanrio store. I will be re-selling most of these I think.

Cuuute Hello Kitty stuff.

New fragrances. The Prada one is particularly lovely.

Newtown Saturday

I couldn’t believe Bev had never been to Newtown before. It’s my fave indie shopping Mecca, so met her for lunch, shopping and more food on a sunny Saturday.

Before shopping we needed to fuel up with some Thai that Newtown is famous for.

My fried rice and veges was amazing.

Bev’s beef thingy was enough for two. She said it was delicious. A shame I didn’t write down the name of the place!

After shopping, more snacks at Cafe C – my ice chocolate and Bev’s strawberry smoothie.

Churros and chocolate.

My shopping results – dress with little white hearts, books to read on the plane and warm peach cobbler-flavoured lip balm. It smells divine.


I can’t help myself 🙂
This little felt unicorn was bought from

These gumboots came from the Easter show. With Sydney weather the way it is I think I will be needing them.

Lust-Have: Winter Shoes

The last few winters I have slowly built up my dream shoe collection, which includes lots of boots basically. I realised last winter however that I also have a need for closed-in winter shoes to wear with stockings for work, hence my search for the perfect Mary-Janes.

Hallelujah, thanks to Karina for recommending these beauties from Mollini.

Alannah Hill Shopping Mayhem

Beverly found out about an Alannah Hill factory outlet sale being held in Paddington, so Bev, Lise and I trouped off tonight to check out the sales.

The one thing I don’t like about sales is that it removes the pleasant buying experience. Instead, you get girls competitive about grabbing things in their size. It’s really shopping at its worst, but I can’t resist a great bargain.

Here we are, emerged victorious from our excursion.

My buys below – I got the lot for $380. About 60 – 70% below retail cost on all items.

The De-evolution Of Fashion

I like comfy clothes. Ones I can take a deep breath in and let my ribcage expand to take in the fresh Sydney air on Cityrail every morning. Will I be sitting alone in my unfashionable loose clothing in the not-too-distant future? Could be! The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article heralding the return of the corset.

According to the The SMH, corsets have gone mainstream. Corsets are made of up to 10 separate, stiffened sections. “Each section or panel is also ‘boned’, meaning it is separated from the next by spiral steel rods sewn into the structure.” Corset-wearing enthusiasts such as Janet Coath, 22, sing their praise, with comments such as “They’re for people who like to look like people, more than people who look like grasshoppers”.

According to Wikepedia, there are numerous health disadvantages to wearing a corset that modern-day corset revivalists might want to consider, such as Glénard’s disease, “a common illness caused by prolonged corset use. It is characterized by lack of abdominal muscle tone and visceral displacement. Wearing tight-laced corsets over a long period of time may cause the lower ribs (floating ribs) to become deformed and pushed inwards. This can lead to organ failure, dehydration, or broken ribs”.

No wonder men think women are stupid for conforming to fashion. What person in their right mind would do this to their body? And what does it say about women that they want to return to the days of being tied into binding clothing that results in the above problems? I’m not even going to go into the psychological implications of corsets – I think I’ve said enough. Needless to say, there will be no corsets for this grasshopper.

From Prague With Love

I ordered these hand-blown crystal candle sticks in September when I was in Prague. Four months later, here they are! I thought they had gone missing, so it was a super duper pleasant moment to have them appear yesterday, helping me deal with first week back at work blues.

Sale Shopping Bonanza

I could also have called this “The big blow out of 2007”. When I look at how much I bought, it doesn’t look like a lot, but my credit card was screaming!

Here are my sales purchases – very badly photographed. I love end of year sales. I tend to go a bit nuts in my favourite store. Alannah Hill always has really good sales, where I stock up on things I’ve been lusting after for the past year. I also found some good things in Review – usually i find it to be way over-priced.

This top, which I am calling my disco diva look, was actually from a different sale but I got it on the day of the sales, and it only cost me $16, so I think it deserves to go in the bargain bin. I think I will wear it if I ever go clubbing again, or for fancy dress parties.

The Alannah Hill collection. This little cardi is super soft and made with cashmere.

This one actually has lots of little pink hearts all over it, but didn’t photograph well.

Just a little work top I loved. It does well with a black skirt I have been having trouble finding things to go with.

Review clothes – this jacket is more corporate than I would usually wear, but I thought I should have it for client meetings, and it was really reduced. I think I paid about $70 for it.

Review top for work. Again, not what I would usually wear, but I think I should have a few things like this so I look more like an adult, less like a uni student on work experience.

New Gadget Fun

Alec came home from his latest work trip with an awesome present – an iPhone for each of us. It’s so shiny!!

It’s taking a bit of learning how to use it and get it working with my contacts etc, but I love it. It is SO beautiful.

Best gift ever, Alec. Thank you so much!