Adventure, baby!


Purdy Things

These sweet lip glosses were gifts from Beverly and Rosalie. I have been on a hunt to find the perfect lip gloss for many years and have accumulated a collection of gloss and balm that would rival the Myers cosmetics floor.

This adorable little cupcake-shaped one has chocolate lip gloss inside.

I have a love of Stila that is obsessive, so it was an extremely pleasant surprise to open this gift from Beverly. I had to photo it to preserve the adorable packaging.

I adore how this gloss is moisturising rather than sticky and gives the perfect hint of colour.

Skechers Awesomeness

I have a Skechers fetish. They are my favourite casual sneakers because:
1. They’re super comfy and are great for trekking all over the world.
2. They fit my ugly orthotics in them perfectly! My podatrist would be so proud of me for choosing such sensible shoes (Last time I went to see him I wore black flimsy ballet flats – he was not amused).

I found a Skechers store at the DFO factory outlets at Homebush. I bought two pairs for $79 and $69 each. I will keep the tan and blue ones till my current black ones wear out, and wear the pretty taupe and pink lace ones to work. Bliss for my feet when compared to the high-heeled MJs I bought recently. I am excited to wear the taupe and pink ones when I need foot rehab days at work. I also love that I can wear sneakers to work. I think it is the standard by which I judge whether I can work in a company. Can I wear sneakers? Nope – then I’m outta there.

Nice Little Things

I had a sparkly day on Friday and thought I would document it!

These cute shoes I bought at Nine West a long time ago but I rarely wear them.

The “twinkle” tee I bought on sale from Peter Alexander. It’s super soft and comfy. I love it!

Sparkly pin for Daffodil Day – money goes to the Cancer Council.

Cute pink case for my iPhone that Alec bought me – deliberately not leather, what a sweetie.

Chocolates Alec brought me from Haighs – just because. 🙂 He’s such a sweetheart, thank you Alec!

New Tokidoki Prints!

OK, so maybe I have a problem. I saw these new Tokidoki bags available for pre-order, and I’m trying to work out if I really need (OK, want!) another one … or two! I like the black bags cos they’re so functional and don’t show the dirt, but I love the printed ones just cos they’re so damn cute!

The two new prints available soon are Carnival and Mezzanotte. I like the Mezzanotte in the styles below:

From Karmaloop, Graziosa Small Messenger (I have this in another print and I use it all the time).

Creativa Large Messenger

Tobi has the Carnvial Sorriso bag which is a similar style again to the ones I currently have.

The new Adios keychain that comes with each bag. So cute!

What’s tough is they are also releasing two other prints this year that I really love, so I am thinking of getting them as well! I am considering buying Carnival one as an investment piece as all of the others have had high resale value, but I need to look into if they are limited edition first.

Pugs in Fashion

I have a pug obsession. And a clothes obsession. Combine them and you get this photo shoot from Vogue Italia, by Steven Meisel and featuring Linda Evangelista.

Peter Alexander Sale

Bev and I received emails about this super-secret Pater Alexander sale online. We both ordered a pair of these super, super-cute PJs. Thanks to Bev’s extra discount we got them for only $17 each.

Mollini 40% Off Sale

I had a recent problem where my favourite brown boots ended up on a boat to Prague – to hopefully be seen again in around nine months. To get over my heartache, I took part in some extreme shopping today with a very patient friend.

Mollini had a one-day only VIP 40% off sale – enough to make any retail loving girl slightly bananas. It seemed there were many girls like us in Sydney – and they were all packed into the Mollini stores. We went to three stores to get these awesome shoes – the first two of which were packed and sweaty and strewn with shoes and paper. The last one was blissfully forgotten about by shoppers and we could finally enjoy trying on shoes without elbows in our backs.

The results make me very happy – one pair of brown boots to temporarily replace my favourites while on their European holiday, and a pair of brown Mary Janes that I was planning to buy full-price anyway. Awesome shopping day!

Toki Madness

One turned into two … turned into four? How did this happen?

I orderd a second-hand black Bambinone Tokidoki bag so I could wear it around everywhere and not worry about ruining it. Then Lisa brought me back an amazing messenger bag Toki from Haway in the L’Amore print – it’s gorgeous – and huge!

Sushi train for dinner at Chatswood! I don’t really like sushi, but I love edamane – I had two serves 🙂

Sweet pressies from Lisa – body wash and cute little Hawaii post-its.