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Green Thoughts

Is it possible to be vegetarian if you don’t like vegetables?

I’ve been dwindling further and further away from eating meat for the last year, and have just read a book called Committed by Dan Mathews, the VP of PETA, that has made me want to give up all meat.

The dilemma – I don’t like/can’t tolerate a lot of foods. And vegetables – I only like a handful of them. While I would love to be able to easily replace meat with alternatives, it’s a bit of a struggle to find things I can eat. I’m trying new foods to give myself a more balanced diet, and giving it my best shot, because I would be really proud if I could call myself a vegetarian.

Lions For Lambs

Alec and I had a dinner and movie night, and decided to see Lions For Lambs, the new Robert Reford movie. As it stars Tom Cruise, we were a little apprehensive about it, but after some glowing reviews decided to give it a go.

Lions For Lambs is a very “talky” political movie. Nothing much actually happens, but there is a hell of a lot of talking going on, which makes it hard for me to condense into a short review.

Tom Cruise plays a smarmy senator – perhaps the most perfect role he’s ever had. Meryl Streep is fabulous as a hard-hitting journo wanting to tell the world what’s really going on but facing opposition from her commercially-bent TV station. Robert Redford is a university professor who is trying to inspire students to reach their full potential and give a damn, frankly. In the midst of these three characters talking, talking, talking, a deadly situation is being played out in Iran. Two young soldiers involved in a new military strategy (being hailed as the new solution by Cruise’s senator) find themselves alone and stranded while the enemy approaches on all sides.

When the drama flicks back to Cruises’ smarmy senator telling Streep’s journo how they have to do “whatever it takes” to win, you can’t help but think of all of the young men and women in the Middle East right now whose lives are being sacrificed because of men like this, for a cause that has been warped by propaganda to resemble nothing of the real reasons the troops are actually there.

It’s time we all opened our eyes and stopped being apathetic.


This is not your average romantic comedy. It’s witty, poignant, sweet and sad, all rolled up into a tasty pie.

I haven’t seen a lot of Keri Russell lately. I used to love her in Felicity, and she shows in this movie why she was a huge hit in the show. She is so beautiful, in a best-friend-you-want-to-hug kind of way. She expresses so much in her adorable little face and huge eyes – in this film in particular, it’s sadness and extreme happiness.

Keri plays Jenna, a waitress who is stuck in a dead-end marriage with a dead-beat husband. The only thing Jenna has going for her is her talent of making fabulous pies. The pies are a running theme throughout the film, with Jenna making pies in her head to sum up the various situations she finds her self in, such as “I hate my husband” pie.

Nathan Fillion, Captain Malcom “Tightpants” Reynolds in Firefly, is her doctor who falls for her. It’s a great roll for him – he’s funny, sweet and sexy. And a doctor! The perfect leading man.

The dead-pan humour in this movie is great, especially from Keri Russell, in a role that is as far from self-absorbed Felicity as possible. She is quite luminously beautiful and has a great screen presence, with a girl-next-door quality that makes her a perfect leading lady, especially in a quirky, sweet movie like this.

Alec also enjoyed Waitress, so I think I can be safe in saying it deserves way more than to be dismissed as a “chick flick”. See it!

New Gadget Fun

Alec came home from his latest work trip with an awesome present – an iPhone for each of us. It’s so shiny!!

It’s taking a bit of learning how to use it and get it working with my contacts etc, but I love it. It is SO beautiful.

Best gift ever, Alec. Thank you so much!

Worst Movie Ever

I wasn’t sure if I should blog about this, but I feel compelled to save any of the few people who stumble across my blog from the horrendous movie that is Good Luck Chuck.

As it stars Jessica Alba, I thought it would be a romantic comedy like Knocked Up, but no, it was actually about 100 times cruder and sexually graphic that KU, and was without a hot male lead. Hello? What was with the ugly guy with the expressionless face? Rule number one for romantic comedy: The leading man must make the women in the audience swoon. The only swooning I did was in horror at the multiple graphic sex scenes.

The general premise of the film is that Chuck has been hexed as a 10-year-old by a girl he rejects at a party and cursed to be always outside of love. As an adult, Chuck is unlucky in love – when he dates a girl, she meets her soul mate and gets married right after he breaks up with them. This gives Chuck the reputation of being a lucky charm, so women everywhere want to shag him – hence the excessive amounts of graphic sex scenes we endured. Chuck is also in love with Jessica Alba’s character, and [SPOILER ALERT!] gets the girl in the end. Huh? How does that work? The guy sleeps around and STILL gets the nice girl in the end? I don’t think so.

The only redeeming feature in this movie was the penguins that Jessica Alba’s character is obsessed with. It comes second only to Happy Feet for pure amount of penguins and talk about penguins. It was odd juxtapositioning though, like the movie producers thought that pairing off cute sweet penguins with disgusting crude men would make for a movie both girls and guys would enjoy. Umm … wrong? And thanks for sending out the message to guys everywhere that they can have both the girl who sleeps around to have fun with, and the virgin to marry.

Save yourself the hour-and-half and the $15. Don’t even waste the bandwidth to download it.

The only inoffensive shot I could find from the movie. Penguins shouldn’t be involved in this type of movie!

Back To Work

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of things after such a great month in Europe, particularly work and exercise. With the jetlag finally receding, there’s no excuse anymore for my lazy attitude.

So I went back to climbing tonight with Kate – ouch! The paaaaiiiiiiiin. It felt good to get back into it, but it’s frightening how quickly you lose fitness.

Berlin – Sydney Dance Company

Rosalie and I saw the Sydney Dance Company perform Berlin at the Theatre Royal. We’ve been getting sick of the Australian Ballet, so it was a great change to see a new company.

What I loved most about the company is that all of the dancers look completely different. Different body types, shapes, so they look like real people.

The Show was quite unexpected – set in Berlin, it went for about 75 mins with no interval, on the one stage set. The performance really flew by – I was entranced by the delicacy of the choreography. The show was divided into a group of smaller pieces, each one with a different mood and character set epitomising Berlin. The live singer with giant angel wings added to the great atmosphere.

It was a little strange, with some of the characters dressed like circus performers, but I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

Waiter, There’s A Rat In My Soup!

Alec and I finished up a great day with the new Pixar movie, Ratatouille.

We’ve been hanging out to see this movie for months, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, we both agreed it was a toss-up with The Incredibles for best Pixar movie ever. Big call!

Animation has come so far since Toy Story. The humans looked great. Not real, but a still really well done. The rats were made very human-like with big eyes and ears and cute little pink hands.

The animators have also managed to make amazing backdrops, such as the country house at the start of the film and the scenes of Paris all lit up at night.

The storyline was great – super cute and not all predictable, some unexpected villains, and a back-up cast of thousands of fluffy little rats. One of my favourite scenes has them washed and fluffed dried in bulk. I would love to get one of those machines for washing my own dogs!

I Think I Have A Problem

Hello everyone. My name is Christine and I’m a shopaholic.

I stopped by Alannah Hill today accidentally … and came out with a top, skirt and dress. The top and skirt were both drastically reduced to less than one third of their original prices, which I think makes up for buying the dress at full price – FULL PRICE! I can’t remember buying anything full price from AH in years.

I needed a dress to wear to the weddings in Prague however, and this one is perfect. Lace overlay with a removable slip, so I can roll it up and just shake it out when I get there. Plus, it’s also perfect for my work Xmas party.

The cute brown jersey top. A bargain and matches a lot of pieces I already have.

Sweet taupe skirt. Fits really well, lovely embroidery, perfect for work without being too corporate.

This photo doesn’t do my gorgeous new dress justice. Bless you Alannah Hill for making such gorgeous clothes.