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The Kite Runner – The Movie

This film is based on the amazing book by the same name, and I have to say it is very faithful to the book.

Set in Afghanistan in the ’70s, this is the story of Amir and Hassan, his friend and servant. Amir’s father is harsh on Amir and prefers qualities he sees in Hassan. This breeds resentment in Amir, who badly wants his father’s respect and love. The boys’ friendship is changed forever when Amir witnesses Hassan being abused by a group of older boys and does nothing to help his friend. He also plants his watch in Hassan’s bed and claims it was stolen with the aim to get Hassan out of his life, both to assuage his guilt and to be number one in his father’s affection. He gets his wish with Hassan’s father find out what has been happening and decides to leave the family compound with his son.

Not long after this, the Russians storm into Afghanistan, meaning Amir and his father have t0 flee the country. They move to the USA to start their lives over again. We cut to Amir as an adult, just finished college, and getting married, when he receives a call from an old Afghani friend calling him home to make things right.

The movie is luscious – Afghanistan of the ’70s is vibrant and rich with life, in contrast to Amir’s return to find the desolation left behind with the Taliban rule. The music is beautiful – it provides a thread through the movie and brings a feeling of the middle east to California where the family moves to.

The movie was very deftly put together without dwelling too long on scenes which were heart-wrenching, and thus managed to create a beautiful story of friendship and love from a story that could have easily have strayed into becoming a devastating tale of the ruination of many life. Beautiful movie, I strongly recommend it.

iPod Number Six

Can I really be up to my sixth iPod? Number one was faulty, I sold number two, number three was a 1st gen nano that I flattened in the snow, number four was my lil pink nano (which i still use, BTW), number five was my lovely iPhone (which died as well, I forgot to blog), so yes, this is number six! This baby was a freebie with my new Apple MacBook Pro.

Lust-Have: Winter Shoes

The last few winters I have slowly built up my dream shoe collection, which includes lots of boots basically. I realised last winter however that I also have a need for closed-in winter shoes to wear with stockings for work, hence my search for the perfect Mary-Janes.

Hallelujah, thanks to Karina for recommending these beauties from Mollini.

Definitely, Maybe

I wasn’t very keen to see this movie based on the previews that had been screening as it looked formulaic, fluffy and boring. I read some decent reviews however and decided to give it a go with Lisa on our movie night.

We were both really pleasantly surprised with how fun and non-cliched it turned out to be.

Will (Ryan Reynolds) is unlucky in love. He has a beautiful daughter who, on the eve of his divorce, wants to know the story about her mother and how they got together. He tells her a story about the three loves of his life, one of whom is her mother, and she has to work out which one her mother is from the story. It sounds cheesy, but is actually adorable, smart, witty and romantic.

I really loved seeing Isla Fisher as one of the love interests – she’s so very Aussie without being ocker. Sassy, adorable and fun – also really tiny!

A definite date movie. I will be going back for seconds!


This was a Sunday afternoon reward for exercising and cleaning.

Hayden Christenson (David) stars in this sci-fi adventure movie, along with Rachel Bilson (Millie) and Jamie Bell (Griffin). At age 15, David discovers he is a “jumper”, which means he can teleport through space – although not time. This means he can quite literally jump from, say, London to the top of the Sphinx in Egypt, or he can jump a foot closer to the TV remote so he doesn’t have to actually get up and reach for it.

David is an outcast when we meet him. In love with Millie and with no friends. After discovering his talent he escapes his life to recreate himself. Eight years later he finds himself back in his home town and looks up Millie. He also discovers that he is being hunted by a group of religious fanatics who have been hunting jumpers for centuries.

Hayden has coped a lot of slack for his acting skills – or lack there of. I have to say I’m not a huge fan either, but I do think he’s awfully nice to look at! It’s Jamie Bell who turns in a really strong performance – I’m looking forward to following his career.

I really enjoyed the movie – it was lots of action, splashed with sci-fi and romance – the perfect movie for a lazy weekend.

My New Baby

I feel so grown up. Meet my first very own car – yes, I know, I know, I’m a late bloomer in the car-buying department.

Still, here she is, the Red Rascal. I wanted to call her the Hot Tamali but I was out-voted 🙁

On our first outing – to dance class. She loved it. It made her endorphins flow.

Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

It’s worth knowing before seeing this movie that is based on a musical and is extremely blood-thirsty. Interestingly, Wikipedia says this may or may not be based on a real story (minus the singing I would presume). Spoiler alert below, so be warned.

Sweeney Todd is set in London around the time of Jack the Ripper, and centres around the character Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp), a barber who is returning to London after 15 years of enduring some kind of punishment/banishment that we never find out much about.

Sweeney in his youth was called Benjamin Barker, and he was married to a beautiful woman and had a gorgeous daughter. An evil high judge however has his eye on his wife, and charges Benjamin with something false (I’m not sure again what this was – it was skipped over) to get Benjamin out of his way.

Fast-forward 15 years and Benjamin now calls himself Sweeney Todd, and is back for his wife, daughter, revenge and some random serial killing.

Sweeney meets Mrs Lovatt (Helena Bonham Carter), who has opened up a pie shop under his former apartment (how is it his apartment is still vacant after being missing for 15 years? ), who tells Sweeney that his wife poisoned herself and the judge adopted his daughter as his ward.

Thus starts Sweeney’s cycle of violence, blood shed and revenge – although he takes revenge in an interesting way – by slaughtering his customers and turning them into pies… This was the point where I started to feel quite ill.

The singing was also really off-putting. Some musical translate really well to film, like Hairspray, which incorporated the songs into the action. In Sweeney Todd, however, I found the songs dragged on and diverted the attention from the story. The music actually was really great – as you would expect from an award-winning musical, and the cinematography was similarly fabulous, recreating gothic London in all its dirty glory.

I was hoping in vain for a happy ending so I could go home and not have nightmares, but it wasn’t to be. I had to watch So You Think You Can Dance on TV when I got home to distract myself and get to sleep!

After the bloody massacre, we were feeling ill, but still needed to eat. We stumbled upon this little place near the cinema – Mr Wong’s Kitchen. What a find it was! We will definitely be going back again – it was super clean, great service and fabulous food.

My vege fried rice and Alec’s combination chow mein.

I’m having trouble finding the address of Mr Wong’s, but it is in a little arcade just to the right of the movie theatres on George St, Sydney.

Google Me Baby

I found this on YouTube – “Google Me Baby” by Teyana Taylor.

I really like it! Now where can I download it …

Billy Elliot – The Musical

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show for months as it’s based very closely on the movie that I love.

I took Mum, Dad and some friends to see it at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney today for the 1:30 matinée.

I have to say, I was very impressed by the show adaptation of the movie – it managed to remain very true to both the story and feel of the film, and the addition of songs and more dance numbers only added to the experience.

What I think the show did best was blend the happiness, humour and the drive that makes dancers successful with the harsh lives of the pit miners in County Durham who are faced with pit closures and losing their jobs.

The kids were all amazing. So talented and engaging. The music was fabulous – very similar to in the movie, with lots of original songs as well. I also thought the staging was inventive, with moving sets that added to what was going on stage rather than distracting from it.

If you can still get tickets, I would highly recommend this show. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Alannah Hill Shopping Mayhem

Beverly found out about an Alannah Hill factory outlet sale being held in Paddington, so Bev, Lise and I trouped off tonight to check out the sales.

The one thing I don’t like about sales is that it removes the pleasant buying experience. Instead, you get girls competitive about grabbing things in their size. It’s really shopping at its worst, but I can’t resist a great bargain.

Here we are, emerged victorious from our excursion.

My buys below – I got the lot for $380. About 60 – 70% below retail cost on all items.