This was a Sunday afternoon reward for exercising and cleaning.

Hayden Christenson (David) stars in this sci-fi adventure movie, along with Rachel Bilson (Millie) and Jamie Bell (Griffin). At age 15, David discovers he is a “jumper”, which means he can teleport through space – although not time. This means he can quite literally jump from, say, London to the top of the Sphinx in Egypt, or he can jump a foot closer to the TV remote so he doesn’t have to actually get up and reach for it.

David is an outcast when we meet him. In love with Millie and with no friends. After discovering his talent he escapes his life to recreate himself. Eight years later he finds himself back in his home town and looks up Millie. He also discovers that he is being hunted by a group of religious fanatics who have been hunting jumpers for centuries.

Hayden has coped a lot of slack for his acting skills – or lack there of. I have to say I’m not a huge fan either, but I do think he’s awfully nice to look at! It’s Jamie Bell who turns in a really strong performance – I’m looking forward to following his career.

I really enjoyed the movie – it was lots of action, splashed with sci-fi and romance – the perfect movie for a lazy weekend.

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  1. Am interested in this movie. The cover pic alone tempts me.

    Although, I want that skill…getting to work would be a breeze and travelling overseas…free! I wonder if he can carry luggage when he jumps? 😀

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