Adventure, baby!



I can’t believe it’s all over! I’m so excited that everything went so well and all our guests seemed to have a great time. Despite succumbing to nerves myself, I also had a great time – but what makes me the happiest of all is simply that we are now married and I woke up this morning next to my husband 🙂

Arriving home after the reception.
One last photo as a bride…

Day Before The Wedding

We had a MANIC day! Racing around trying to finish everything up.

We started with brunch at the Badde Manors Cafe in Glebe for our bridal party and other honoured guests who were playing a big part in our day so everyone could get to know each other better and thank them in advance for the insanity that was about to ensue!

Squished into the tiny, hot venue. Thankfully the food was great!
Quick pic with the girls before heading off to beautify ourselves.

Final shopping trip before heading home – with Lisa and Bev outside the Strand Arcade.

My Bridal Shower & Hens Day

My dear friends Shelley and Rosalie threw me a fabulous bridal shower / hens day on Saturday.

We started with high tea at 3pm at the Park Hyatt in The Rocks. We were given a private room overlooking the water, so we had plenty of space to wander around, and it was quiet so we could chat.

The girls put together an amazing recipe book for me with their favourite vegetarian / dessert recipes and a pic of the two of us. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

After the high tea we kicked on with cocktails at the Blu Horizon Bar, at the Shangri-La Hotel.  The girls shouted me numerous cocktails while we sat first in the genie room, and then in lounges overlooking the amazing city view.
Beck and I finished getting ready at her place and caught a cab into the city.
With the youngest party-goer, Chiara. She’s a wild one.
Group shot with most of the girls.
With Ro – organiser and book-maker extraordinaire!
Partying on into the night with the new Mrs Johnston.
With my mum and her friends, enjoying their high tea.

I was initially uncertain about having a hens party. The thought of having all of the focus on me is actually quite frightening. I feel a lot of pressure to make sure everyone has a good time and find it hard to just enjoy myself. This time, however, it was a lot of fun, with everyone just so happy for me and looking at me with so much love all day. It was wonderful to be around the women who are closest to me for a day of eating, drinking and much talking. Thanks to all my wonderful ladies who are always there for me.

Our Pre-wedding Shoot with the Dogs

Somehow I managed to get Alec to agree to a pre-wedding shoot with the dogs. I was super-keen to get some really nice photos of our little family as I have few if any that are really nice quality, and the pooches can’t be involved in our wedding at all.

We met our wonderful photographer, Vincent Lai, at Bicentennial Park for an hour of pooch fun.

I just love the photos – here is a small selection of my faves.


Alec in Mountain View

While I was sweating it out at the corporate games, Alec was working hard at Google Mecca. He took my beautiful camera with him to claim tax back and played around with it – including the photo below. It was just too delightful not to blog 🙂

52 Blessings – Week 2

The other most obvious blessing in my life – Alec. I’m thankful several times every day for the joy, peace, love and laughter that he has brought into my life.

I love you brain 🙂

Sakura Japanese Kitchen

Before seeing Body of Lies at the movies (which we both enjoyed, despite the bad reviews), Alec and I had dinner at my favourite noodle place on Pitt St, Sakura. Nothing special, just tasty noodles and great conversation before Alec had to head off to the USA for work once again.

He loves his picture being taken all the time, really he does.

As demonstrated when he tries to shoo me away with his chopsticks.

Alec’s huge bento box.

The same thing I always order – udon noodle soup and vegetables tempura.

Not amused by the chopstick attack from Alec.

Tired now! Too much noodle? Surely not!

Sculpture By The Sea

One of Alec and my first outings when we started dating was to Sculpture By The Sea. We decided to check out the 2008 exhibition – and it brought back some lovely memories.

We did plan to go on a hot day when every other Sydney-sider had the same idea that we did, to either indulge in art or to fry themselves like bacon on the sand. We also made the mistake of driving there. It took us almost an hour and a half to drive there and park, so next year we will be going public transport.

Bondi Beach – packed!

Stuffing my face with amazing gelato from Movenpick.

Alec loving the crowds.

Let the sculptures begin!

Perplexed at the fake pond sculpture.

This didn’t photograph well – it was a glittering pair of wings that floated in the breeze.


Anti-whaling statement.

Oh hai!