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Rain Room Melbourne at the Jackalope Pavillion

Information about the Rain Room

The immersive artwork Rain Room has found a permanent home in Australia at the Jackalope Pavillion in Melbourne. Making its Southern Hemisphere debut in August 2019, the Rain Room Melbourne has captivated over half a million visitors worldwide – with no signs of slowing down.

Rain Room Melbourne

The Rain Room is a 100-square metre field of continuous rainfall housed inside a purpose-built pavilion in St Kilda. The Rain Room Melbourne is a responsive environment, meaning as you walk through the room, the rain response to your movement, and ceases to fall. 

The clever technology behind the Rain Room has created a completely immersive experience whereby the visitor is able to walk though the rain – and not get wet. 

Rain Room Melbourne

The pavilion is located on the rooftop of a building – follow the signs to the elevator and take it to the top. The building and elevator are both well signed.

On the rooftop, umbrellas are set up for small amounts of shade, and there is a ping pong table for entertaining those who need it while they wait for their session. 

Restrooms are temporary facilities on top of the roof, accessible by a ramp. There are no restrooms inside the Rain Room.

Bags and strollers are not permitted inside the Rain Room. Bags can be checked into free lockers just outside the entrance.

Expect to be mustered around five minutes before your booking time and to enter right on time.

Inside the Rain Room

We booked our tickets in the first session of the morning, at 10am. The session was fully booked, however some ticket holders didn’t show up, which meant our session wasn’t technically full. We had approximately 10-15 people in our session.

While the pavilion is large, with a group of people inside it, it feels quite small, as the rain responds to all the people in it – meaning if there are lots of people in the rain, more rain will be turned off, and less will be falling. 

The staff let us know that in fully booked sessions the group is often split into two smaller groups, to allow each group to fully enjoy the Rain Room. 

Rain Room Melbourne

Since our group was not full, we entered as one group, with the suggestion that we didn’t spend all of our time actually in the rain but divided our time between being in it and standing on the wall in the dry area so that there as more rain falling for those in the rain. 

Rain Room Melbourne

Each session runs for 30 minutes, which includes time that is spent waiting inside the entrance for any ticket holders who are late. We probably spent around 20 minutes actually in the Rain Room Melbourne.

Getting wet – or staying dry

Rain Room Melbourne

While the premise of the Rain Room is that visitors can walk through the rain without getting wet, the reality is that you can expect to get wet, no matter how hard you try to stay dry. We were instructed to walk slowly and not to walk near other people as moving quickly and groups of people confuse the technology and make it more likely that you will get wet. 

Rain Room Melbourne

We found that no matter how slowly we walked, we still got wet. If this is something that bothers you, take a change of clothes and shoes to change into afterwards.

Photography inside the Rain Room

Rain Room Melbourne

Photography in the Rain Room is tricky. The room is extremely dark except for the one bright light shining from the back wall, and there are a lot of people also in the rain. I took many, many bad photos that were out of focus or filled with other people to get just a few that I considered great. 

Rain Room Melbourne

My best photos were taken at the end of the session after everyone else had left and we were the last people to leave the room. 

Rain Room Melbourne

The Rain Room Melbourne offers school holiday kids sessions, designed for families with kids aged 12 and under to experience the Rain Room in an interactive and fun format. We did not do one of these sessions however, and our session was full of kids, so it’s fine to do either session. If you want to do a kid-friendly session during the school holidays, look for times marked ‘KIDS SESSION’ in the session times. Kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Rain Room Melbourne

The Rain Room is a flat, even surface, with good sized doors and no steps or bumps, for those interested in a accessibility. The grates on the floor are very small and would accommodate a wheelchair. 

I highly recommend booking tickets at least a week in advance.

Rain Room Melbourne at the Jackalope Pavillion
Corner Jackson and, Acland St, St Kilda VIC

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