Your Saltwater sandals match your mama’s.

The neighbourhood playground equipment teaches how to hail a cab.

You wear a swimsuit and take sand toys to the sprinklers instead of the beach.

The first piano you played was weighted down with cement blocks, and situated under a stone archway.

You end playdates with a slice of wood-fired pizza.

Your stroller is an SUV (hello Bugaboo and Uppababy!).

Your playground has Manhattan as a backdrop.

Your summer treat is ice cream – made with milk and eggs from local cows and chickens, churned the previous day.

You think horses live on a carousel.

All your friends live within walking distance.

You have a jaunty hat collection.

Your first milkshake was at Brooklyn Farmacy (right after a Jitterbugs show).

You’ve been riding the subway like pro since you were four weeks old. (Choo choo!!)

Everything you own is in miniature to fit in a small Brooklyn apartment (like your kitchen and piano).

Your first dance class was at the Mark Morris Dance Center where you mingled with off-duty company members.

Your stuffed toys are handmade by local artists.

You have an item in your wardrobe identifying you as, indeed, a Brooklyn baby.

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