The past six months have flown. I can’t believe we’ve been married for half a year already. Amazing.

We wanted to do something a bit fun for the occasion, so I booked lunch at Lachlan’s Restaurant in Parramatta Park since we had promised to drop by the Winterfest afterwards to see Daniel’s group, the Orion Consort, perform.

Lachlan’s is smack bang in the middle of Parramatta Park. The building was once Lachlan Macquarie’s old government house. It has been resorted and turned into a restaurant. Thankfully, the old world charm remains. 

Strolling across the park, on a stunning winter’s day, towards the restaurant.

Tables set up on the balcony.

We were a bit early, so took a stroll around the property. The restaurant sits on Parramatta River. Very picturesque.


Dappled husband!

Happy 6-month-versary husband!

Looking out over the river.



Our cosy table by the fire.

Herb bread with sun dried tomato. Very nice, fresh bead.

Potato and cauliflower soup with croutons. This was sensational. Creamy, thick and steaming hot.

Fish and chips.

Pumpkin and ricotta tart. It was a bit over-cooked sadly. I’ve eaten it before at this restaurant and it was sensational.


Coffee for the coffee bunny.

Money shot.

Sticky date and banana pudding. It was quite nice, but could have done with a smaller cake portion and more sauce. It was a little bit dry.

After lunch we walked over the bridge to Winterfest.

Not much I can say about this.

After drinking almost an entire bottle of wine, I was in a very cheery mood – perfect to enjoy the festivities.

Erm .. an Anglo Saxon?

Let the blood fest begin!

The Orion Consort. Very nice performance guys.


I love you husband 🙂

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