As the first year of my 30s draws to a close (yikes), I wanted to reflect on some positives to being in the next decade.

1. I’m not working in a crappy part-time job earning peanuts. Hooray for financial independence!
2. As a result of 1), I can afford the pretty things I wanted to buy in my 20s and couldn’t afford. Hellooooo Alannah Hill and fancy camera.
3. Being married is so much better than dating and being in your 20s. Being married is totally awesome.
4. Self confidence. I have come to terms with who I am and am not. I am not thin, super-model pretty, a talented singer or an Olympic athlete. I am, however, a great photographer, pretty funny according to my husband, a great friend, daughter and wife, and apparently good at my job. And I’m comfortable with being just that.

Things I don’t like about the 30s:

1. Hearing terms like the “dirty 30s”. Hello, does that have any facts behind it, or is it just the rhyming? I think the 20s were dirtier, personally.
2. Being the oldest person in my netball team. The youngest just turned 17. Can we say generation gap?
3. My body getting slower. It upsets me that I can’t keep up with sports as I used to. I hate feeling slow and getting tired more quickly.
4. Goodbye metabolism! I really should eat better.

All-in-all, the pros are pretty great.

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  1. I’m actually looking forward to my 30s! I’m 21 right now and most of the time, I FEEL like I’m in my thirties. I don’t like to go out and drink, I know exactly what I want in life and have created a detailed 5 year plan on how to get there, blah de blah. Most of my friends are in their 30s because I can relate to them so much better than people my own age who want to party and don’t know what they want!

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