I attended another of Signorelli’s cooking classes for Greg’s birthday. The chocolate-lover’s birthday fell on the day of the course, so we considered it a sign from above that we were meant to be there.

This time, it was Appreciate Chocolate with Kakawa Chocolate‘s Jin Sun Kim and David Ralph. The class consisted of a master tasting session, history of chocolate and demonstrations of how to temper chocolate, make ganache and create truffles.

The evening started with a platter of delicious fruits and dipping chocolate, and some potent Toblerone cocktails.

Nothing says welcome like a tasting platter…

… and cocktails.

Hello there birthday boy.

Ohhh, pretty things waiting to be tasted.

The husband enjoys his chocolately goodness.

As do I!
Kakawa’s David Ralph spouts wisdom.

Ground up cacao beans – not especially tasty.

Dark chocolate – not my favourite, but not bitter like most generic dark chocolate is.

White “chocolate”. Mmm sugary…

Blend of milk chocolate – love it. The markings are from bubble wrap.

Champagne truffles.

Basil truffles. Not for me, but very shiny.

Passionfruit/mango truffles. Amazing.

Almond slivers in milk chocolate.

Tempering chocolate.

Mmmm I’d like to lick the chocolate off the slab. Who cares about truffles.

Hello master bar tender. Thank you for the exquisite beverages.

Why birthday boy, whatever do you have there?
The class was excellent and I learned a great deal about chocolate. I was also given a huge amount of chocolate to taste and then take home. I have a high tolerance for chocolate, but still felt ill after eating so much chocolate. I can’t wait to go to Kakawa’s store eat more of their chocolate!

Ground floor of Accenture/Google Building
Trouton Place Pyrmont NSW 2009
(opposite Metcalfe Park)
P: 02 8571 0616

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