A few weeks back I went to Sydney Fashion Weekend for the first time. It was chaos! So many stalls tightly packed with discounted stock. There was simply too much stuff and not enough time to get around to everything.

There were a lot of brands there and bargains, but too hard sorting through everything. It was super hot and crowded, so not a great shopping experience. As part of our tickets we had included a catwalk show. It was not bad! Nothing extraordinary that I wanted to run out and copy or buy, but entertaining to watch the skinny giraffes walk up and down the catwalk.

So very tall and expressionless …

They all had great hair 😉
After the catwalk we had another prowl around the stalls and had a makeover at Napoleon. I got completely punk’d by my make-up girl, but thankfully Fadz had a fabulous job done and looked stunning.

Fadz gets a touch-up at Napoleon.
All-in-all, I think it was a bit of a waste of money. I don’t think I would go again. It was too stressful tearing through the clothes to find something I liked, too hot and too many people. I don’t need a bargain that badly!

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