This post is actually a long-time coming as we moved in about seven weeks ago! We’re now living in a cute three-bedroom house with a huge backyard for the dogs. After some intense moving pains, it’s all coming together finally!

Large backyard – the pooches love it.

From midway up the yard to the back of the house.

Midget Buffy loves her new house – and the new cat she has to harass now.

Interior – living room and dining area.

Kitchen. We have a dishwasher – yay!

Kahlua loves the wooden floorboards. She struggles to grip the floor with her furry feet.

Poor Beans was much happier before the dogs moved in. Disapproving cat is disapproving.

My dressing room.

Badly made bedroom with balcony.

The study (AKA Alec’s cave)

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