I finally received the professional photos, so here we go, our wedding day!

I stayed the night before the wedding at my parents’ house. I woke up the next morning early, too excited to sleep in. There was not much going on, as people weren’t due to arrive until about 10am. So I got to potter around, play with the dogs and read the Sunday newspaper before everyone turned up en masse between 10 and 10:30.

I wanted to get ready at my childhood home, so everyone came to us; hair dresser, make-up artist, photographer, bridesmaids, groom, best man, and the groom’s mother. Add in the mix my brother, sister-in-law and cousin-in-law who were also staying there, it made for a full house, full of laughter and activity.

First up in the morning was giving gifts to my beautiful bridesmaids Rosalie and Shelley. I gave them each slightly different Swarovski earrings and Alannah Hill hair clips that I hoped they would like to wear on the day.

Rosalie opens her gift – gift giving is so much fun!
While I was getting ready, the photographer roamed around, taking photos of things like our rings and my accessories.
Alec’s wedding ring, my wedding ring, and my engagement ring. Alec’s ring is by a jeweller called Larsen’s in the Strand Arcade. Mine are both by Tiffany & Co. The bowl is by Paloma’s Nest.
In lieu of a flower girl, we had a flower baby. Rosalie’s beautiful little girl, Chiara, made her wedding debute for us on our big day. We had her with us while we were getting ready in the morning. She was such a little angel, loving being held and passed around.
Brushing up on my baby skills, bonding with Chiara.
I bought my hair jewellery and earrings from a local designer, Stephanie Browne. They were gorgeous quality and suited my dress perfectly.
The pearls and designs are vintage-style, perfect for our wedding theme.
I was among the last to have my hair and make-up done. My hair dresser of about 5 years, Yui, came out to do my hair for me – it was so great having her with me on my big day.
Patiently having my hair curled in my old bedroom.
My shoes from Midas.
My dad drove to the florist’s house to pick up the bouquets and corsages around lunch time. I used a lovely local florist called Katrina of Petals and Leaves. The flowers were just stunning and lasted for a week afterwards in a vase!
Since I had a wedding in peak summer, my flower choices were limited. I had roses, chrysanthemums, raspberries and dahlias.
Around lunchtime, Alec, the best man, Daniel, and Alec’s mum all arrived in the Chrysler. Alec and I had a lovely moment where we exchanged gifts – I was beyond excited when he gave me a box from Tiffany – as evidenced by my expression in the photo below. Alec’s gift to me was an Elsa Peretti Diamonds By The Yard bracelet. I gave him a box of goodies including a pair of Atlas cuff links from Tiffany, a photo book I had made of our relationship thus far, his favourite chocolate biscuits (Mint Slices) and a toy frog with chocolate inside from Haighs.
This photo is the very definition of “surprise”.
Alec’s cuff links.
Items from Alec’s goodie box.
It was getting close to leaving time, so it was time for my make-up.
While I was getting done up, Alec chilled out, reading his book.
Meanwhile, upstairs, the girls were getting dressed. It was so surreal putting on my wedding dress … I just adore my dress beyond words. I can’t believe I don’t get to wear it again.
Rosalie helps me with my shoes.
Putting on the veil.
Leaving my bedroom dressed as a bride, with my two close girlfriends of my childhood – what an amazing moment. I was so excited and happy. No nerves at all, I just wanted to get married!
The boys finished getting dressed in preparation downstairs.
Alec gets manhandled by my dad and his mum at the same time.
Last step – putting the corsages on the boys. I totally failed at it and bent a pin, so had to give mine to someone else to finish for Alec.
Alec and his best friend, Daniel. Ready to go!
With Rosalie and Shelley – this photo is one of my favourites from the day.
I love this classic shot. The flowers look stunning and the lace on my dress shows up well.
Then, after hours of what seemed to be doing nothing, it was suddenly time to go.
Couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to my pooches. Kahlua was totally disinterested.
In the Chrysler, ready to depart.

Alec and Daniel with the beloved car. Daniel was kind enough to lend us his vehicle – and be our chauffeur for the day.
Then we were off on an exhilarating car ride with suicide doors, no seat belts, air con or power steering. Our next stop – Lavender Bay to have photos taken pre-wedding.

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  1. I love all the little details and gifts you guys gave each other looked amazing! So clever of you to blog about it.. it is pretty easy to forget the little details but they make those memories so very special.

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