We had our portraits taken before the ceremony as we had no time between the ceremony and reception.

Our photographer suggested we take the pics at Lavender Bay, which was near our venue and offered a quiet park as well as harbour views. It was drizzling when we got out of the cars, but thankfully it cleared up enough for us to take the photos outdoors without needing giant umbrellas.

Group shot – clearly someone said something funny here.
Nice shot of us all full-length.
Dwarfed the giant tree.
Close-up! I love this photo.
With my girls, looking exceedingly happy.
Love the bright punchiness of green in the background on this gray day.
It wouldn’t be a Sydney wedding without the Harbour Bridge.
I like the colour and composition of this one.
The veil was problematic and didn’t fly in the breeze as hoped. We needed to stage a few scenarios of holding the veil and then letting it go to try and get a few shots with the veil in the air.
Love this photo. I had to hold up my dress the whole time to stop it getting filthy pre-ceremony. It weighed a tonne and by the end of the night my hand ached!
One of my absolute faves.
Sigh. 🙂
I just loved my dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers, make-up and hair. Yes, I felt like a total princess and I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life as I did on this day.
Our bridal party was amazing on the day – they gave both of us such support and love. Thank you guys, we love you!
My handsome groom. I was blown away with how gorgeous he looked all dressed up.
Most people would agree this is a typical photo of us …
Like a magical grotto. So pretty!


After the photos were finished, we climbed back into the Chrysler and drove to the Gunners’ Barracks for the highlight of the day – our wedding ceremony.

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