Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via I’ve been taking yoga classes in Hammondville, and every time I finish a yoga class I walk past Addie And Me back to my car. I always take a peek inside and see ladies with their babies, or old friends catching up for coffee. The cafe looked so sweet, like it had sprung straight out of Alice In Wonderland, so it was only a matter of time until I found someone to try it with me. My dear friend who has a sweet tooth like me, joined E and I with her three kids for lunch on a Friday afternoon. The cafe was packed — the lovely staff looked pretty wiped out by the time we sat down and admitted it was an unusually busy day. Addie And Me is part shop, part cafe. Lining the walls are an array of frilly tulle outfits, baby gifts, and older kid toys. Signs remind parents that these are for sale and not for playing with – so definitely a bit of an uphill battle for me and my curious three-year-old who wanted to explore every single shiny frilly item in the store. Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Thankfully my friend and her crew turned up before I had to buy out the store. We sat down at a large table in the rear, next to another family with two small kids. Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via   Our crowd of kids were like any crowd of little kids — up and down, a bit loud, a bit whingy at times, and always in danger of breaking something. A big thank you to the staff for not batting en eyelid even when their ceramic bunnies were in danger of being smashed to smithereens. Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via   We ordered each of the kids the Tiny Tots Rabbit Nibble Platter ($7). It came with a choice of sandwich (ham, cheese, vegemite, jam or honey), savory and sweet finger food: cheese, fruit, cookies, crackers and a small plain or flavoured milk. Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via   For the adults, we ordered an Iced Chocolate ($4.50) which was DIVINE, a coffee ($3.50), and two sandwiches. While all of the sandwiches on the menu included meat, the staff very happily made me a custom plain cheese and tomato sandwich on sourdough. My friend ordered the Turkey sandwich ($7.50) with Swiss cheese, rocket and cranberry orange relish on sourdough. It was a super busy day and I expected our meals might take a while, but I was pleasantly surprised with how quick they were relative to how many staff were on and how many customers were there. Our sandwiches were simple and really tasty. Perfectly toasted real sourdough — the perfect light lunch for an outing with four kids. It’s also worth noting that when I ordered the turkey sandwich, they said they’d run out of turkey but would run up to the shops to get some more to make the sandwich — really sweet of them considering they were already run off their feet. Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Addie & Me: #kidfriendlycafes #Hammondville #Sydney via Our trip to Addie And Me couldn’t have been better. The staff really made us feel welcome, with big smiles and an easy-going manner. Even with lots of breakables sitting on every surface and two extremely active toddlers, we had a pretty relaxing lunch (well, as relaxing as it can be eating out with multiple young kids!), with so many things to entertain the kids that they didn’t know what to look at or play with next! From the rabbit plates for the kids to the waterproof rose table cloths, every detail was thoughtfully planned with little and big guests in mind. We will absolutely be taking another trip down this rabbit hole again very soon!  Last Bite: A whimsical cafe best suited to non-moving babies or older children who won’t break the pretty tea sets! A delightful lunch or afternoon tea for a special date with your little one. Highchairs: Yes. Stroller storage: Yes. Easy access: Yes. Change tables: No. Kids’ menu: Yes. Addie And Me 7 Stewart Ave Hammondville NSW Get Directions

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