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I’m going to say it—age four has been the most fun age my daughter has turned thus far. Sure, I think the same thing every year (I was convinced three was the best!), but for the first time, I kind of wish I could freeze her at this amazingly beautiful age. It’s okay to want to treasure the wonder of four just a little bit more, right? Here are six of the highlights of having a four-year-old in the house:

1. All drama, all the time
While some of the drama is a bit much (like those even bigger tantrums now that are thrown), most of it is pretty entertaining. Everything is a big event to a four-year-old—a new toy, a surprise visit from the grandparents or a birthday party. I mean, is there anything else in life that can create such excitement in a small child like the prospect of games, cake and presents?

2. Singing and dancing
I can’t believe that the power of Frozen has lasted so long. This kid has been a devoted Elsa fan for almost two years now, and has perfected her “Let It Go” routine, complete with hand movements and dramatic exit. Our home is filled with songs, sung in the sweetest high pitched voice with just a touch of a lisp, and our guests are treated to impromptu musical performances and dance routines.

3. Imaginary play
Often she pretends to be Elsa (and I’m Anna), but her imagination takes her far from Disney stories as she creates amazing worlds with her dolls. The conversations she has with her dolls replicate those she hears around her—never have I been more aware that everything I say is falling onto very receptive ears.

4. Conversations had
Suddenly, there are actual conversations being had. Hilarious ones, such as “Who’s the boss of the family?” and “Mommy’s the boss!” to questions I don’t quite know how to answer (“Why do people eat animals?” and  “What does dead mean?”).

5. Lack of self consciousness
Is there anything cuter than a naked little bottom dashing around the house? I absolutely love that at age four she is still happy to be a “nudie bum” and perform little butt wiggling dances with reckless abandon. While, of course, I know that time is coming to an end, if nothing else, I wish I could preserve her self confidence the way it is right now—before she starts to worry about how she looks and her body shape.

6. Joie de vivre
The simple joy of being alive is really what a four-year-old is about. Every single thing my daughter experiences is cause for amazement—whether it’s collecting sticks from the sidewalk or watching a caterpillar inch its way along a tree branch. Every day, I think to myself, “Wow, we could all learn a lot from a four-year-old’s sense of fun.” She’s entertained for hours by a cardboard box—it becomes a plane, a home and a rocket ship. There’s nothing like a four-year-old to teach you that you that “less is often more.”

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