30 Reasons Why we Love Nap Time via christineknight.me

Naps are the BEST. Seriously, there is nothing better than a happily napping child. Who knew that you could accomplish so much in such a short period? The benefits of naps are almost endless. My favourites include:


  1. You can check your email.
  2. You can update your Facebook.
  3. You can make breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  4. You can catch up on The Bachelor.
  5. You can take a nap too.
  6. You can make that urgent phone call you’ve needed to make all morning.
  7. You can do 30 mins of home yoga.
  8. You can read a book.
  9. You can vacuum or clean up the house.
  10. You can fold that giant pile of laundry.
  11. You can write a blog post (like this one!).
  12. You can download the photos from your phone and back them up.
  13. You can give yourself a mani/pedi.
  14. You can bake cookies for afternoon tea.
  15. You can clean out your wardrobe.
  16. You can drink your coffee while it’s hot.
  17. You can take a long shower.
  18. You can use the bathroom uninterrupted.
  19. You can Skype a friend.
  20. You can do your hair and make up.
  21. You can shop online.
  22. You can eat a cupcake without sharing it.
  23. You can share a photo of them asleep on Instagram.
  24. You can play Candy Crush on your phone.
  25. You can unpack the dishwasher.
  26. You can meditate.
  27. You can clean all the crap you don’t need out of your handbag.
  28. You can sit down and do absolutely nothing.


And the two very best things about naps:


  1. Your child wakes up happy and smiley.
  2. The rest of the day is a breeze.

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