30 Problems Only A Three-Year-Old Would Understand

Being three is tough. You’re not a baby any more, but you’re not a big kid yet, either. You’re expected to do what you’re told, but now you have mind of your own. Uh-oh! Here are 30 times when, for a 3-year-old, the struggle is real. #firstworldtoddlerproblems

  1. When there’s no whole milk left, only skim.
  2. When Netflix is down and there’s no more Barney.
  3. When you want a banana and there are no bananas left. And no, you don’t want a pear/grapes/apple. Yuck!
  4. When you drop the last goldfish on the ground and your parents won’t let you eat it.
  5. When you take your shoes off but can’t put them back on.
  6. When your head gets stuck in the t-shirt hole.
  7. When the iPad runs out of batteries.
  8. When you want to keep playing but mom says it’s dinner time.
  9. When you glue your art project to your pants.
  10. When your latest artwork (with pens and furniture) gets you in trouble.
  11. When you wanted an Elsa doll and got Anna instead.
  12. When your pants tag itch your skin so much that you need to take your pants off.
  13. When you’re strapped in the stroller and drop your lovie.
  14. When you peed in your pants because you didn’t want to stop playing to go to the potty.
  15. When you drank full strength juice and bounced off the walls.
  16. When you fell asleep in the car seat and woke up epically grumpy.
  17. When you didn’t nap at all and were even grumper.
  18. When you have hanger all. day. long.
  19. When your lovie gets so worn it falls apart.
  20. When you wanted to press the elevator button and someone beat you to it.
  21. When Mom turned the TV on when you wanted to do it.
  22. When you want to wear a blue tutu to school and you don’t even own a blue tutu.
  23. When your night light goes off in the middle of the night.
  24. When you get your hair brushed.
  25. When you have to share your toys.
  26. When someone else sings your song, “Let It Go”.
  27. When you only want to eat rice crackers and your parents feed you vegetables instead.
  28. When you get served peas for dinner.
  29. When it’s too hard to decide between a ponytail and a braid.
  30. When no one can understand what you’re saying but you’re speaking loud and clear.

This article was first published on MommyNearest.

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