Facebook - Beverly's Net

So I’m ten thousand years late to the game (give or take…), but I’ve finally finally FINALLY gotten my personal site a page – Beverly’s Net on Facebook!

For years I’ve resisted, thinking it a little naff (and kinda embarassing!!) to have a page dedicated to… errrr…. yourself and your own blog on Facebook. But then everyone seems to be doing it and I’m a jump-on-the-bandwagon kinda person I guess, so here I am!

Appreciate your support and, well, niceness, if you decide to give me a LIKE over on Facebook. You’ll get blog updates, of course, as well as bits and bobs from my Instagram (normally private and only for friends) as well as cute little articles I find online.

Thanks! 🙂

[pssst! Facebook doesn’t always surface everything, only to a select number of Likers. To get all updates, you’ll need to checkmark “Get Notifications” (see photo above)]


Beverly Burgess

Beverly is a social media addict, having worked in the online space for 7 years at Microsoft and eBay, before popping out her 1 yr old and 2 yr old boys. She is all about Family, Food and Fashion. She blogs at http://beverlys.net/blog