We had a low key first proper father’s day for Alec this year, spending it with some friends who were in town.

We’d had an epically bad night the evening before (we ended up in the local ER at 4am when Eloise wouldn’t feed for over 12 hours – and found a leaf wedged in her upper palate) but luckily had planned a really chilled out day as per Alec’s favourite things to do.

After Eloise had a massive midday nap, we had lunch at Landmarc at Columbus Circle. It was, as per the reviews I had read, solid food. Nothing fancy or special, but decent, tasty food. What I really liked the most was how baby friendly they were. Amazing how things change!

Lunch with Daddy!

We then took a stroll through Central Park. It was too late in the day to sit down and relax on the grass unfortunately, but it was still beautiful to just take a walk.
Our little family!

We also dropped by FAO Schwarz. Eloise loves dogs now – real life ones as well as stuffed ones. 
“I want THIS ONE!”

Eloise is so blessed to have such a wonderful father as Alec. Happy father’s day my love! We both love you so very much.

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