We arrived in France after a terrible flight, exhausted, picked up our hire car and drove to Giverny. I picked up some kind of bug and was unfortunately too sick to leave the hotel, so we missed out on seeing Monet’s gardens.

Sick, but still smiling in Giverny.

We drove onwards to Rouen, and saw the tower where Joan of Arc was held, trialled, and the area nearby where she was burned at the stake.

Next stop was Bayeux so we could drive out to Mont Saint Michel. Sadly I was still sick at this point, so we took a day of rest for me in bed, then went on a tour to the Mont the next day. It was uber-touristy sadly, and over-run with people, but still a great place to visit.

Mid-way up the Mont.

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  1. Looks lovely Stines. Glad to see you managed a smile even though you were sick. Must have known the happy times that were just around the corner!

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