My team took out the eBayers for a day on the harbour for our end of year do. The day was perfect – warm without being boiling hot, and not a cloud in the sky. I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and have been on harbour countless times, but I just love it.

With Cheryl and Olah.

Skyline from the back of Sydney.

Being such a tourist.

Captain Cheryl!

Afterwards we set off for dinner at the Gazebo Wine Gardens.
Wearing the awesome tee Beverly gave me – it says “Kiss me, I’m a vegetarian”.

Funky interior.

Cheese to start with.

A huge sausage roll.


Salad  – an effort to be healthy. I don’t think I actually ate any of it.

Crab pasta with chilli.

My risotto. Very nice!

Pulling faces with Phuongy.

In the lift going to the rooftop bar in the Kings Cross Hotel, site of many adventures in my teens.

My camera died, so I have hardly any pics from the rest of the night, just this one of Sam in the Piano Bar in the Cross. Sadly I missed taking pics of him krumping to Elton John songs.

Gazebo Wine Gardens
2 Elizabeth Bay Road
Elizabeth Bay
(02) 9357 5333

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