We celebrated Google’s 10th birthday with a party at Simmer on the Bay, Walsh Bay.

Candles with the sun setting in the background.

Giant cupcake in the foyer – wishing it was real!

I’m such a poser.

With Flo, from Shopping.com.

Food coming around on a giant plank.

Caught doing what I do best – talking.

Google mural.

Crazy performers in the background.

“Oh hai!”

With Katia.

Leanne with a fish and chips bucket. I tried to collect a few of the buckets to bring home but the efficient workers took them every time I put them down!

Pucker up for some SUGAR!

The night progresses and the wine kicks in.

This was taken off the top of Darren’s head, hence the strange bits of hair in the foreground.

Hugs all around.

Surf’s up, Olah!

Leg and foot shot. No idea where this came from.

Little goody bag we took home.

Cute optical mouse.

More sugar – mmmm!!

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