Today was the annual Million paws Walk at Olympic park, Homebush. Kahlua had an ear infection, so it was only Buffers this year who we took on the walk. I spend a lot of time reading about and trying to help with the injustices done to animals, so this is really one of the few days of the year that reminds me of how many people really love their animals, and it gives me hope for the future.

The start! Many many people and puppies.

Katia’s husband Ross and their lovely Irish setter Raf.

Sally-Ann and Michael walk their beautiful beagles Sammy and Leo.

Little Buff was overwhelmed by so many people and huge dogs. She did most of the walk on her own little legs but needed to be carried when she was worried about being trodden on in tight quarters.

This doggie had booties and saddle bags.

Family portrait.

Cuddles from dad.


Chilling out in the sun. Such a beautiful day!

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