My dearest Shelby is getting married! I am so happy for her and so excited! We spent Sunday in full-wedding mode, flicking through bridal mags, looking things up on the internet and watching the best wedding movie of them all, Muriel’s Wedding. Shell and I have loved Muriel’s Wedding for many years, so it provided the perfect background for the pigging out (oh yes, there were lollies!) and wedding-overload.

Even though Shell has her ring, we ended up looking at jewellery sites anyway. I found a few pieces that I thought were just beautiful. I don’t want to look at the prices, I just want to appreciate the exquisite designs from Canturi and Tiffany.

I can’t believe how much cakes cost! I can’t find a pic of the amazing bird cage cake we saw, but we also checked out these. The first one is taken from a illustrator who designs amazing cards and more in the design below. Beautifully done.

This one was a bit of a surprise. A little saucy for a wedding perhaps?

I also introduced Shell to my fave website, Etsy, where they have an amazing wedding section where you can get the most amazing handmade things like invitations, stationary in general, cake toppers, jewellery, table decorations and more.

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  1. Congrats to Shelby!

    A day like that would partly excite and frighten me…all the fun, pretty, cute things to look at…but then I’d have to organise it all too…gaaaaah. I am SUCH a good procrastinator.

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