I’ve been really lazy and haven’t posted about the movies and books I’ve seen and read lately. It’s so much easier to simply post pics of pizza.

Alec, Alec and I saw the 3D version of this retelling of the old Scandinavian folk tale. It was an interesting blend of animation and what I think were real people and scenery, but it was hard to tell. In some places the people in particular looked really fake, but then in others looked quite amazing – the monsters in particular.

It was a really grisly story – lots of blood thirsty hacking off of limbs and so on, tempered by a naked Angelina Jolie.

The 3D was pretty great, and really unobtrusive. It felt weird wearing the glasses, but technology has improved dramatically since the days of red and blue cellophane, and I didn’t even notice after a while.

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