Adventure, baby!


Green Gourmet

I discovered this restaurant on Happy Cow, which has vege restaurants all around the world. Green Gourmet is actually vegan, and has all kinds of funny meat substitutes, and has “not chicken” and so on dishes. Very funny.

Everything was green, including the chopsticks.

The shop front. I risked life – literally – to get this silly pic. I was in the middle of dashing across the Pacific Highway and turned around to take it – in front of on-coming traffic.

Fried rice.

Veges (we got takeaway).

Alec’s noodles and tofu.

It was pretty good! We ordered WAY too much food, including chestnut sang choy bow, which was really great. We scoffed it before having a chance to take pictures…

Green Gourmet
538 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards, NSW 2065
(02) 9439 6533

Brief Melbourne Flirtation

I had to fly down to spend a day in Melbourne for work. Apart from the unexpected chill factor, it was a very groovy city that I popped into.

You can’t get hot chocolates like this in Sydney!

Tired and hungry at a funky cafe.

Cool sign in the cafe.

My breakfast. Heavy on the eggs.

Olah’s half-a-pig brekkie. Holy crap!

Easy Like Sunday Arvo

I had the puppies this weekend so Alec and I took them to lunch at The London in Rozelle with some friends. The London is a pretty cool pub – mostly because it allows dogs inside. The food was a bit pricey, but was still nice, and the company was great.

Girls looking glam.

The boys at the guys’ end.

I try on B’s sunnies.

Profile view. I think I must get a pair.


All of the food groups. Sugar, chocolate and fat.

My boscaiola. It was supposed to be with chicken. I asked for it without chicken and they gave me bacon instead. Weird.

L’s vege nachos.

Alec’s schnitzel.

Dessert – mousse. It was yummy. Not sure it was $13 yummy, but still good.

The girls chill out.

Pat me muuuuuuum.

The girls meet a new friend. Butt-sniffing ensues.

B makes some new friends.

Chocolate Heaven

Alec and I stopped at San Churro again today for chocolate.

I think I will adopt this as my motto.

The “Hot & Cold” – hot chocolate with white chocolate ice-cream.

The awesome mugs. I want one!

Alec tries the “azteca” – it has a bit too much chili in it.


Churros – deep-fried dough with chocolate dipping sauce. Fat with fat. Mmmmmm.

The cafe/store.

The churros being deep-fried.

Kayaking at Rose Bay

I spent Friday afternoon kayaking at Rose Bay with my team and an agency. It looks pretty grim in the pictures, but it was a really warm day and the water temp was beautiful.

We spend about an hour and a half kayaking across the bay and doing some races. I thought I would find it easy because of all of my climbing, but it used totally different muscles and I could feel the burn pretty quickly.

I had a really great time and really enjoyed it. It was quite amazing to be so close the the water and to look around and see so many beautiful things across the harbour, like all of the Sydney icons and beaches.

We paddled from here directly across. I don’t know how far it was, but it certainly FELT like a long way.

These are the little kayaks we used.

The harbour – grey but still beautiful.

Pho Xic Lo

We tried a new Vietnamese place in Chatswood last night.

Photos taken on my handy iPhone.

Vegetarian spring rolls.

Some kind of extra hot and spicy thing Alec had.

My vegetarian fried rice. As the waitress described it “with no veges”. Hmmm!

Doodle for Google

Today was the big Doodle for Google day in Sydney – where all of the finalists were flown to Sydney and the winner was announced. It was great to see so many kids who were excelling in art and enjoying themselves, as well as being fun for us big kids too.

I meet Dennis Hwang, the original Google Doodler. He was kind enough to sign some doodles for me.

The finalists.

Dennis takes centre stage.

One of the doodles Dennis signed for me. It will be auctioned off to make money for charity.

Yaaaaay Doodle for Google day. 🙂

Boat House Restaurant

This was a work lunch with some fave clients. I was a bit concerned at first because it’s a seafood restaurant, but it turned out to have the most amazing vegetarian food. It was my first true vege outing and it was great to see not only that the food was delicious, but everyone was looking at my food with envy and wanting to eat it instead of theirs. Woo! Yay veges!

We give our sign of approval.

Tomato and almond gazpacho (I thought the waiter was saying gestapo. I had to Google it.).

Woodside Goats Curd Tuile with Borage & Cucumber Dressing. Soooo tasty.

Some kind of tomato salad with amazing feta. Best balsamic dressing ever.

Potato Gnocchi with Broad Beans, Asparagus & Lemon. Yuuummmm. By this time I was stuffed but kept going.

Hand Cut Chips, Fennel & Lemon Salt. I asked for tomato sauce, which surprised the staff. I guess it’s not the done thing in a posh restaurant.

Rockmelon Sorbet, Jasmine Petal Mousse & Citrus Israeli Cous Cous. My favourite flavour sorbet. Delightful!

By the end of lunch my stomach was so huge it was poking out of my dress. I am such a piggy.

Green Thoughts

Is it possible to be vegetarian if you don’t like vegetables?

I’ve been dwindling further and further away from eating meat for the last year, and have just read a book called Committed by Dan Mathews, the VP of PETA, that has made me want to give up all meat.

The dilemma – I don’t like/can’t tolerate a lot of foods. And vegetables – I only like a handful of them. While I would love to be able to easily replace meat with alternatives, it’s a bit of a struggle to find things I can eat. I’m trying new foods to give myself a more balanced diet, and giving it my best shot, because I would be really proud if I could call myself a vegetarian.