Starting school - photography tradition


Today was my little Cheese’s first day of “school”. And by school, I mean her 2s programs, which are nursery schools (she’s doing two programs – each one two days a week for a few hours at a time).

I wasn’t sure how she’d go at her first class today – I was pretty confident she would be fine, but you never know till it’s time to let go. The first of her two programs is where she has attended other classes with me since she was six months old, so she knew the space and teachers already.

At the gate, she was a bit confused as to what was happening, with so many adults and kids all stampeding in – I put her down, pointed out the teachers she knew, and off she went, without looking back. My big girl.

I was able to spy on her during one period of the session (we were asked to stay onsite for their first session), and it was a joy to see Cheese running and playing and interacting with the teachers and kids, happy and at ease. At the end of class she came running to me with her artwork, telling me about her day (“Moooo” – there was a cow puppet – ¬†and “YYYYY” – the letter she learned).

Even though her 2s programs aren’t “real” school, it feels like a big step we’ve taken today – from here on in, little Cheese is going to be in school. I feel so proud of her for how outgoing she was today. Myself, I am feeling super emotional about this big first step my little girl has taken towards developing her own, beautiful life.

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