For Beverly’s last day at eBay Australia, I joined her and her work mates at The Loft for after work drinks and commiserating.

With a fellow Googler, Angela.

I started getting starving and insisted – rather aggressively I think – that we must go and eat. The only reasonably priced food joint nearby was Wagamama, so off we went for late-night noodles.

About to pass out – saved by noodles!

Delirium caused by hunger. Lol-isa wants nothing to do wiht my antics.

Bev loves noodles – as long as they aren’t udon.

Dessert – fried banana with coconut ice-cream.

The restaurant cleared out and we were the only people left.

Mmmmm dericious.

These sweet potato chips were addictive.

Romantic … and delirious at the same time.

It was a fun but also sad night as it was the farewell for many eBayers as well as Bev. It won’t be the same without you Bev, my dear!

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