A few recent purchases! No more, seriously!

Coloured gladiator sandals at Nine West. I have the pink pair on layby.

The taupe and black sandals – I bought the taupe ones and wore them today. They were super comfy.

I also bought a new Lesportsac back from DFS store in The Rocks. I bought it so I had a bag that my Mac laptop would fit in for travel as well as to cart my sports clothes to and from work instead of in the Coles green bag I’ve been using up till now. Print is called “Charmed” and it’s supposed to only be on sale in Hawaii. Not sure what it’s doing in Sydney! I have tried to step away from the obsession I was developing with Tokidoki bags as they’re so expensive. This range is about half the price and just as cute! They also are completely man-made – no leather. Woot!

Front side – I love the hula girl in the centre.

Back side.

Close-up of the cute print.

I also bought these shoes fro Nine West. They are dual purpose. I needed to buy silver shoes to wear with my bridesmaid dress for Shelley’s wedding next year, and I thought I would get them now as I needed a pair to go with my new pink Alannah Hill dress that I am planning on wearing to two weddings in the next few weeks. I love how they are more of a pewter than straight silver – I think it makes them more wearable. The cute little stones match the beading on my AH dress pefectly.

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