The release of Kung Fu Panda sparked excitement. Panda! Kung Fu! Together at last!

We gathered at San Churros for pre movie snacks. Hot and Cold Hot Chocolate, churros and a white hot chocolate … so basically sugar and milk I believe.

Yum yum yum … the best hot chocolate ever.

Chris: “What do you mean white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate?”

Churros with chocolate.

My fave – churros with caramel.

Lisa – times three Tokidokis.

“There can be more Tokidokis?”

Chocolate is not something to be laughing at.

After the movie we needed noodles. Badly. You need to watch the movie to understand why. We set off to our fave Vietnamese place in Chatswood – Golden Bo.


Crazy food blogger.

Helpful pics on the menu.

Where are my noodles?

Panda! Kung Fu!

Mmmm raw bean sprouts.

Mystery herb – turned out to be mint.

Mmmm smells like crack!

Vege spring rolls.

Lisa needed dumplings AND noodles.

Alec gets the same thing every time – MORE spring rolls and noodles.

My flat noodles with soya and veges… YUM!

Noodle bliss.

More spring rolls – we ordered two lots and ate them all.

This was Chris’ – I have no idea what it is.

More food? Over THERE? No WAY!

Awesome movie, awesome night.

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