Lisa and I decided to attend the Sydney Food & Wine Festival today to celebrate our mutual love of food and gluttony.

There were SO many people there it was just insane. We had to have a lot of patience, both with having to wait a while to get samples or buy anything and with the people in general. Events like this with freebies and great deals always bring out the absolute worst in human nature.

Highlights included the amazing deals up for offer in most of the booths. It was like extreme grocery shopping. Lowlights included the pushing, shoving and being run over by trolleys and prams as well as carrying around my loot after purchasing it!

Entry was $25 which I thought was a bit pricey, but we DID get a free wine glass to sample wine with and take home, as well as free samples from almost every booth. Lots and lots of fun!

The Lindt booth.

The dips Lisa was in love with.

Sweet potato dip.

Lisa eating butter chicken and spinach and lentil curries with rice.

We were Tokidoki twins.

Wine tasting booth.

Food bouquets.

Pepper and spice grinders.


Whisk & Pin – my favourite cereal.

This gluten-free cereal has sentimental value for me.

Free Dove samples.

My favourite pasta-makers were there.

Lisa and her sausage roll for lunch.


Lisa tries another dip.

This is a huge batch of raspberries being heated up to serve with pancakes. Yuuum.


Nutritional goodness.


Heading home with heavy bags.

I *may* have purchased a few things.

OK, so here is my swag.

The deals I got were amazing!

Pasta pack – gnocci, two kinds of pasta, cannelloni, homemade sauce and freezer bag – $25
Lindt – 13 full-size blocks – $25
Apples – six – $6
Instant noodles – three – $1
Lemon ice tea – $1
Iams fod food samples – free
Cucumber & pine nuts dip – free
Salt & pepper grinders – $5
Olives – two jars – $5
Stir-fry sauce – two bottles – $5

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