What happens when three obsessed bloggers get together for dinner and gossip? A night of food, fashion and ferrets – like Bev’s blog come to life.

Bev, Lisa and I had dinner at the St James Hotel, which is a fave of Bev’s. I’ve never been there before, but I was delighted at the cheap, tasty food. Schnitzel for $10!

After a bit of window shopping, we head back to Bev’s place for some delicious imported chocolates. They were some of the nicest chocolate I have ever eaten – soft creamy centre with rice crisps. Yum!

Lisa mid-(ecstatic)bite.

Action shot – Beverly photo-ing the chocolate for her blog.

I broke my sugar detox for a few of these amazing treats.

No visit to Bev’s is complete without some ferret play. The vids below only begin to capture the lunacy. 🙂

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