The sun came out and we made the long drive to Newcastle to see Alec’s dad on Father’s Day.

We stopped at a little cafe on Darby Street called Anacapri – it was completely packed, always a good sign.

Open windows, nice airy feel.


Alec ponders his meal choices.

Roasted vegetable salad with rocket, balsamic, fried fetta and pine nuts. The fried fetta was a brilliant addition.

I had a vegetarian breakfast – scrambled free-range eggs with fetta and spinich, corn fritter, grilled tomatoes and thick toast. Delicious and filling.

The outside area leading to the courtyard, where we sat.

Alec’s fish and wedges.

Exit time!

After eating we head on down to Nobby’s for a walk in the lovely weather. I loved this area that was a dog beach – so many happy little dogs all in one area, it really made my day.

We also saw a pod of dolphins in the harbour. An odd choice of venue for dolphins, but it was amazing to see them there.

Stelth shot of an Afgan Hound – with a close hair cut. I’ve never seen one of these as a pet before.


Crazy wind makes my hair go nuts.

Alec and his dad – Happy Father’s Day!