30 days, nine countries, 3,000 photos and one wedding later, we’re back where we started from.

Europe is great because:

They love dogs. I’ve never seen so many happy, healthy, butt-sniffing pooches before. Now if only they picked up their poop as well, it would be completely AWESOME.

Berries taste 100 time better than they do back home. As does pasta. Cheese however, goes the opposite and tastes blander as the others improve.

Puzzling things I will never understand:

Czech dairy – it looks like cream, but tastes like nothing. It’s a big wedge of calories for no pleasure.

Pedestrian crossings in Budapest are more of a suggestion than an actual road rule. Cross at your own peril. The car coming towards you is indeed speeding up at the sight of you, so you’d better movie it.

Bidets in hotels – they take up heaps of room in tiny little bathrooms and are there even when other basic things are lacking, like towel racks or soap dispensers for example.

Public bathrooms in Italy seem to be lacking in toilet paper (and a lid you can sit on) most of the time, so alway carry emergency tissues and do some leg squats before your trip to prepare yourself.

What I missed the most:

English TV. I am now very good friends with BBC, CNN and MTV as they are the only English channels shown all over Europe. I have also read about 6 novels in the past month and become acquainted with all kinds of world politics.

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