I saw Pink last night at the Entertainment Centre with Tanya and Karina for her “I’m Not Dead” Australian tour.

It was only a small group – Pink, three dancers, two backup singers and a band – but the show went off.

Highlights of the show:

*During Stupid Girls Pink dressed up as Lindsay Lohan, with her back-up dancers dressing as Paris and Nicky Hilton.

*Hard core acrobatics with Pink suspended from the ceiling.

*The song Dear Mr President sang along with clips of the Iraq war and George W Bush looking like an idiot.

*The singing of my fave Pink song Family Portrait even though it’s not new at all anymore.

*Finishing the show off with Let’s Get This Party Started – it made me want to dance!

Not so highlight moments:

*A woman near us sitting on someone’s shoulders and taking her top off. Don’t flash your boobs at Pink lady! She’s not gay!

*The huge unit of a guy in front of us filming the entire show on his mobile phone. Just enjoy the music dude!

*Leaving my camera on my bedside table. Idiot!

3 comments on “Pink in Concert”

  1. some woman tried to flash her boobs at pink!?

    wonder if it was the same chick who flashed her fake gear at robbie williams. his response was a classic: “nice job, love, nice job!”

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